Who We Are & What We Do?


Sparta Youth Hockey Association is volunteer-lead, non-profit organization.  Our goal is to encourage, promote and improve the standards of youth ice hockey in Sparta and the surrounding area.  By focusing on these goals we'll continue to have constant growth in our players, build a strong foundation for the Sparta High School Hockey program, and add a substanial boost to the winter ecomomy in Sparta.

What's In It For Your Business?

Youth Hockey is a sport unique to other youth sports.  Most youth sports programs have an average season of 1-2 months.  Youth Hockey in Sparta runs from October - March.  This means your sponsorship dollar goes almost 4 times further than other youth sports, which means you'll reach more people over a longer period of advertising time = greater return on investment!

Where Do Your Funds Go?


Sparta Youth Hockey is different that many many other youth hockey organizations in the region.  Our uniqueness being we, SYHA and the families of the kids who play, voluneer and donate our time to keep the facility running.  Most other associations facilities are managed or owned by a different entity like their City.  Because of this model, SYHA families work extra hard and rely on sponsors like you to be able to maintain registration costs which are similar to other associations don't have the facility maintenance expense. Below are a few examples of where your sponsorship funds will be applied:

  • Scholarship funds
  • Player equipment (skates, helmets, pads, gloves, etc.) 
  • General rink improvements

What Do I Do Next?


Interested in helping out a great sport in the community?  Review this brochure, then fill out the form or talk with one of our Board Members.