Coaches are an integral part of our association and the team.  Without coaches, our teams would not have any structure or organization.  Being a coach doesn't mean you need to have skates on OR have any previous hockey experience, it means that you'll be dedicated to the players and help them become better players and have fun throughout the season.

Becoming a coach involves the following steps:
  1. Apply 
  2. Register with USA Hockey
  3. Complete Safe Sport training
  4. Get a background check
  5. Complete Online Age-Specific Module(s)
  6. Attend a coaching seminar
  7. Review any association and USA Hockey policies
  8. Start coaching!

Use the links on the right to get started.  The first step is applying.  Once you've applied, the board will be made aware of your intent and your application will be reviewed.  Everything else can then take place after you've been approved.  

Coaching is strictly voluntary and at will.  We do offer coaching reimbursment.  Please review our coaching reimbursment policy.