Board Member/Volunteer Helper

Board Members and Volunteers run our association.  Without either of these folks, we'd not have a need for coaches, players or refs.  Being a borad member or a volunteer helper doesn't mean you need to have previous hockey experience, it means you're simply dedicating some time to help the association and players out by dedicating a few hours per month to the association. 

Becoming a board member or volunteer helper involves the following steps:
  1. Contact a current board member to find where you can help!
  2. Register with USA Hockey
  3. Complete Safe Sport training
  4. Get a background check
  5. Review any association and USA Hockey policies

Use the links on the right to get started.  The first step is finding where you can help.  Everything else can then take place after you've found your niche.

Being a board member or volunteer helper is strictly at will and has no monitary value or payment associated with it.