SYHA is a volunteer run our organization.  Without the volunteers our organization would not exist.  Volunteering engages our hockey families and allows us to keep our registration fees low and help pass along the knowledge to new hockey generations.  Every season each SYHA family is obligated to volunteer at least 20 hours. Hours for families who have not fullfilled their minimum requirement will be charged a $20.00 per hour penalty for each hour not full-filled.


Work Hours are calculated from October 1st to September 30th the following year. Hours are documented in no less than 15 minute increments.

Your volunteer hours can be earned by participating in the following:

  • Helping with rink startup and takedown tasks
  • Working concessions during high school games and home tournaments your skater is not part of
  • Working registration during high school games
  • Working penalty box during home tournaments your skater is not part of
  • Working during open skate
  • Working at SYHA related events i.e.: Christmas Market, Butterfest booth, etc.
  • Coaching (we're always looking for coaches!)
  • Board member meetings
  • Off-season activities (cleaning the rink, painting, remodeling, etc)

We are currently using the same system we use for registration to track and claim your volunteer hours which will allow you to use a single login now to register and claim your volunteer time.  To claim or reserve your time, log into the Dibs website.  Click on the current session (i.e.: <season year> VOLUNTEER HOURS) to view all the open items.  View the items in a calendar if you wish and select the item you wish to claim.  Click the "Claim this Dib item" link.  This will confirm you are signing up for this item.  Once you have worked the shift, log back into the Dibs site, find the item you completed and click Verify Completion link in the left column.  Next click the Request Completion Verification and an email will be sent to the admin to complete those hours and give you credit for them.

All items have a cancellation window of at least 2 or more days, meaning you cannot login and cancel your shift if you are within that cancellation window.

If you have questions or need to add items to the list, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Claim Your Volunteer Hours